Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Skating: A New Chapter. A New Me.

Normally this blog is devoted to my travels. I don't think me traveling to Oxford, Ohio has quite the same affect and excitement as traveling to Europe. So instead of this being "From My Travel Eyes to Your Soul," I will call this post simply, "From My Heart to your Soul..." A snippet of what my crazy head is thinking. Enjoy.

I know in my heart that I will never regret this decision. I know that after of hours of thought, prayer, and conversation, that this is the right decision.
I am forever changed from my summer abroad in Spain. I forever hold in my heart the new things that I learned about myself. I learned who Kelly Dawes Smith was as the non-ice skater. I loved discovering who that girl is. I loved figuring out what my dreams and goals are in life. Many days I sat on the beach, usually with an awesome boy named Brandon by my side, who just listened to me talk and asked me questions about almost everything in life. I have so much more I want to offer the world than just my skating ability. I want to learn to love people more. I want to be a more loving person to the world. I want to be an inspiration and encouragement to people for the rest of my life. I learned that this summer and will forever be changed because of that discovery.
I came back to Oxford thinking that I would just go back into my usual pattern of competitive skating. Wrong. I was very wrong. I lack right now the huge competitive spirit. Instead, I want to learn to absolutely love skating. To just love being surrounded by teammates without any huge pressure, except being the best I can be while having fun. I want to get onto that ice loving not only my teammates, but myself. I realized this summer that I want my life to be about loving people. Not just falling in love, but loving people for exactly whom they are and encouraging them to be the best they can be. That’s a huge passion of mine in life and I hope and know in my heart that I can do that on the Collegiate team.
My competitive skating career will be over in 2 years. I have already had the extreme privilege to have gone to the Junior Worlds and win 2 bronze medals, skated and competed for Miami University Senior Synchronized Skating team at the Senior Worlds, and won a National Championship for Senior last year. I dreamed about skating for the Miami Senior team since I was six years old and captured that dream. I have traveled all over the world and couldn’t be more thankful for all of the incredible places I have gone. Physically, I am so content with what I have in skating. But in the end it isn’t about the medals, the jewelry, and the plaques. It’s about the pictures hanging on my walls and the faces smiling back at me. It’s the pictures of people that have been a huge part of my life through all of my skating. Those are the memories I adore more than the medals.
So I venture into a new area. I venture into an area where I will skate with completely new girls, skate a different kind of program, and feel completely different on that ice. And you know what? I am so excited. I am thrilled that another girl will be taking my spot on the senior team. I want more than anything for another girl to experience what I have. I want someone else who is passionate about skating and has put years of hard work and talent into this sport to experience what I have seen. I want that more than anything and will gladly hand my baton to the next girl in line.
I wish the best to the Senior 2009-2010 team. With all my heart I want nothing but great things. I am excited to join the Collegiate team and see how different my life is about to be. My heart is excited about this and I couldn’t be happier.
So cheers to a great 2009-2010 season for all of Miami Skating. Cheers to the new areas of life I am about to explore. Cheers to the new people I am about to meet and influence. Cheers to me being content and excited about this change. Cheers to a beautiful summer with a beautiful boy who helped me fully learn who I was. Cheers to me finding love. Cheers to my friends and family who support me through this. Cheers to this beautiful life.