Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Journey to Texas

I am actually here.
I traveled the 918 miles from Barrington, Illinois and have come to what really is a huge state. I wish I could say that it has all been smooth sailing. I got all of my stuff moved into my tiny 400 square foot studio apartment (yes, it's extremely tiny but I absolutely love it), and what do you know... The air conditioner won't stop leaking. Not just small drops of condensation: buckets full of water. My apartment building was redone a year ago, and I guess no one has lived in it since it was redone, so the second I turned the air conditioning unit on in over 100 degree weather, it decided to start leaking. So, good news? I moved into a new apartment! But had to move ALL of my stuff into that one. Oh, and I would not have electricity until today, August 3rd, which is unbearable to not have air conditioning in Texas this time of year. I have not fully had a home yet and thank goodness, Brandon's family lives down here and is able to put a roof over my head!
I have actually recruited Brandon's friend Alex to come help build all of my furniture for my apartment tomorrow! Oh yes, the joys of build-your-own Ikea furniture. Tomorrow should be a crazy day filled with building furniture, drinking wine, and swimming in my beautiful pool (in that order of events).

All in all, I am so excited for how this semester is going to begin. I have met a few new people down here and already love it. Pray for non-leaking air conditioners, safely assembled furniture, and I think I will be good to go! I'm just trying to enjoy these last 2 weeks before school starts by just relaxing.