Wednesday, November 2, 2011

You Say Good-Bye, but I Say Hello

We left India so quickly that I felt so cheated on my time to fully reflect those last couples days everything I saw . I saw so many difficult things that I never could have imagined. I saw many beautiful places that my mind could never have dreamt or imagined. The two weeks I spent in India were literally a 180 degree difference from my life here in the U.S. I always tell people what I mentioned before that traveling in India literally threw me out of my comfort zone.

My biggest struggle now that I am back is what to do with everything that I saw. This small part of my brain looks at the photos from my trip, hears myself telling others snippet stories of what I saw, and I keep thinking, "So what?" What do I do with the hardship I saw? What do I do with the knowledge I gained from actually visiting one of the emerging economies in our world. I have so many questions and I'm not sure I'm come to any answers yet. I'm still looking. I still read about India as much as I can in newspapers, online blogs and even Twitter. I still care about that country and its people. The famous Beatles song I can't seem to get out of my head, "You say good-bye, I say hello. Hello hello. I don't know why you say good-bye I say hello." Hello India.

My wish is that someday an advertising job will bring me back to India and I will visit Mumbai and see what I never saw. My hope is that visiting India will forever impact the marketing messages I help create. I may have left India without any desire in my entire body to leave. My body is physically gone from that country. But a piece of me is still there in every monument we saw, restaurant we ate in, every smiling face that smiled at me, and every street I walked. A piece of my heart is still in India and will forever be there.

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