Monday, September 3, 2012

The Adventures of Extraordinary

I originally dedicated this blog to my traveling adventures, and sadly that chapter of my life has slowed, only for now... only for now. I look back on the entry titles from this blog and realize that the last few years of my life have been absolutely wonderful, and mostly because of the places I have traveled to. For now, I have put that on hold as I venture into the adult world and work on my responsibilities of paying off student loans and paying my bills on time every month. Hopefully, my near future will bring traveling back into my life. It's the reason why I put a portion of every pay check into a small savings account labeled, "Traveling Dreams." The desire is there and will never fade away.

So what do I write about when the stars of places I have traveled to on my world map have not increased since I ventured to India last year? What do I have to offer the world when my day largely revolves around my job, which I do love. I'm stuck inside freezing air conditioned walls when it's 100 degrees outside here in Dallas, and at night my thoughts drift back to South Africa, London, Rome, and mostly Barcelona, and the carelessness I had during those few months. I had no bills to pay, students loans to fret over. My only stresses were finding the right bottle of cava and sipping it on the perfect beach that day. We aren't meant to live like that forever, this I know. But I wish more than anything that the typing of my keyboard was in a real coffee shop in Europe while listening to a live band instead of the headphones on my ears listening to the lovely Frank Sinatra. Or that I could sit overlooking the Mediterranean ocean letting the warm atmosphere take over my mood as I write inspiring words. That dream is on the horizon. For now, I'm going to start writing about something so simple: the ordinary life. I think for the dozen or so years of my life, I have lead a completely unordinary life: synchronized ice skating, traveling to exotic locations around the world, graduating undergraduate a year early and starting graduate school, dating a boy long distance for 3 years.

And now? Now I work 10-12 hours a day and work desperately to have a social life, dating life, to attend church each Sunday, and to continue having adventure in my life. It's a constant struggle and fight. And trying to workout everyday? I have resorted to taking the stairs in my office. So for now, I'm dedicating this blog to finding the extraordinary in the ordinary. It's a title so dear to my heart. The first book I wrote is titled, "Red Story: Turning Ordinary into Extraordinary." Right now, I want to find the ordinary in this Texas city. I have no idea what my next blog posts will look like or if they will be any good. But my promise to you is to blog once a week and to continue my passion of writing. Writing about all of the little things in my life that make life so interesting. Something I have learned in these last few years is that life is about the details. It's the details that I love and that I tend to overlook so often. So cheers to the details I am going to uncover in my life and cheers to the extraordinary I long to find. Because I know it's there.

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